Created as a benefit for the Greenwood Neighborhood Relief Fund after a gas line explosion leveled or damaged several buildings (including the Bureau of Fearless Ideas), this anthology features writig by famous and soon-to-be-famous Northwest authors from the Bureau of Fearless Ideas including: Mayor Mike McGinn, Ryan Patick Miller, David B. Williams, David Shields, Kevin Craft, Teri Hein, Timothy Sanders, David Schmader, Bill Thornes, Patrick Shaffner, Jennie Shortridge, Boyd Morrison and the students of the Bureau of Fearless Ideas.

Encyclopedia Greenwoodia

    • All proceeds benefit the writing programs for students age 6-18 at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas.
    • Anthology includes, stories, essays, poems, plays, comics, and more!
    • 200 pages (plus a fold-out map), paperback, 6.5" x 7.75"