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Own a completely unique piece of literary history. We'll randomly select a pencil from one of our two locations, used by one or more of our brilliant young writers. Unlike a new pencil, these pencils are gauranteed to be "broken-in",  "pre-seasoned," and "warmed-up" for you. You never know what kind of pencil you'll get, but one thing is certain: No.2 are alike!


IMPORTANT POINT: All proceeds from this pencil (and everything we sell) supports the free writing programs for students age 6-18 at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. Considering that the shipping on a single pencil will cost more than the pencil itself, your money is better spent by simply MAKING A DONATION TO FEARLESS IDEAS.



    • All proceeds go to buying better pencils for our students.
    • Size, shape, condition and actual usefulness may vary, 
    • Shipping will likely be more than the worth of the pencil, so you might want to consider just MAKING A DONATION TO FEARLESS IDEAS.


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