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THE LATEST EDITIION of What to Read in the Rain, the anthology of famous and soon-to-be-famous Northwest authors from the Bureau of Fearlerss Ideas is HERE! In the pages of this edition you'll find a forecast for a "Literary Sun Break in an Otherwise Gray Day" from these brilliant writers: David Lasky, Isaac Marion, Lish McBride, Maggie Mertens, Nisi Shawl, Sierra Nelson, Anastacia Renée, and amazing young authors from the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas.

What to Read in the Rain (2019)-A Literary Sun Break in an Otherwise Gray Day

    • All proceeds benefit the writing programs for students age 6-18 at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas.
    • Anthology includes, stories, essays, poems, plays, comics, and more!
    • 168 pages, paperback, 6.5" x 7.75


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