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Get 4 amazing anthologies, each lovingly currated by the Bureau of Fearless Ideas and perfect for reading your way through a long rainy season! Almost 800 pages of famous and soon-to-be-famous Northwest authors are featuring: David Lasky, Isaac Marion, Lish McBride, Maggie Mertens, Nisi Shawl, Sierra Nelson, Anastacia Renée, Sarah Atkinson, Lynn Brunelle, Richard Chiem, Nicole Dieker, Sarah Galvin, Alicia Hokanson, Bharti Kirchner, Robert Lashley, Jim Lynch, Adrian Ryan, Kate Sammon, David Schmader, John Schork, Shin Yu Pai, Teri Hien, Tom Robbins, Chelsea Cain, Jess Walter, Jennie Shortridge, Margot Kenley, Matthew Simmons, David B. Williams, Jessica Mooney, Megan Kelso, Kathleen Alcalá, Lish McBride, Peter Mountford, Mayor Mike McGinn, Ryan Patick Miller, David Shields, Kevin Craft, Bill Thornes, Patrick Shaffner, Boyd Morrison and the students of the Bureau of Fearless Ideas.

What to Read in the Rain - DOWNPOUR BUNDLE

    • All proceeds benefit the writing programs for students age 6-18 at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas.
    • Anthology includes, stories, essays, poems, plays, comics, and more!
    • 4 books, 778 pages total, all books paperback, each 6.5" x 7.75"


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